Vape Product Disclosure Statement

To our valued customers and retail partners,

We have been shocked and horrified by the recent stories reporting hundreds of illnesses and sadly a few deaths that have been linked to vaping tobacco and cannabis products. While it remains to be seen what the root cause of these health problems are, it is important to note that millions of people vape tobacco and cannabis products every day, and the number of illnesses is still relatively very small. While this does not in any way diminish the tragedy of those who died, it does signify that in general most commercially available products in the regulated market are safe regarding this particular illness. This acute reaction is likely linked to adulterants, mostly associated with black market products. To date, no one cause has been linked to all cases.

That being said, in response to these reports, we are proactively disclosing the ingredients and processes used to create all our vape products. We have chosen to be as transparent as possible both to reassure our customers and to make it easier for our retail partners to ensure the safety of products on their shelves.

We carry three lines of vape products currently: Day Trip, Jam, and Quill. The first two are our in-house brands, and we have complete control over their production and ingredients. The latter, Quill, is a long-operating company with a very good reputation in the marketplace, and due to our close relationships with the owners and operators, we have absolute confidence in the information they have provided us.

Odyssey is committed to never making or distributing any vaping product that has any chemical fillers, additives, dilutants, thinners, or other adulterants of any kind. Absolutely no vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), polyethylene glycol (PEG), MCT oil, or vitamin E acetate are added to any of our products, ever. 


Day Trip


· Cannabis Distillate Oil

· Steam-distilled, single-strain, cannabis terpenes  

Day Trip is a blend of terpenes that are steam-extracted from fresh-frozen cannabis strains mixed with cannabis distillate oil. The distillate is made by Precision Alchemy, and the terpenes are steam extracted by Portland Rosin Company. 

We source the fresh frozen flower ourselves, deliver it to Portland Rosin Co for steam extraction, and then deliver the terpenes to Precision Alchemy to be blended with their distillate. There are no other ingredients, fillers, additives, or adulterants - just distillate and terpenes. We fill the blended oil and terpenes into Jupiter CCELL cartridges.



· Cannabis Distillate Oil

· Steam Extracted, Botanical Terpene Isolates from True Terpenes:

o Phellandrene

o Citral

o Limonene

o Eucalyptol

o Linalool

o b-Caryophyllene

o Humulene

o Myrcene

o Pinene

o Beta Ocimene

o Delta 3 Carene

· CO2 Extracted Botanical Terpene Blends from Xtra Laboratories:

o Blackberry Cucumber

Jam is cannabis distillate oil mixed with terpene blends that we create in house from isolates and blends of terpenes from 2 companies: True Terpenes and Xtra Laboratories. True Terpenes uses a steam-extraction process to remove terpenes from organic, botanical sources. They do not use any other solvents or chemicals in their terpene extraction process. Xtra Laboratories uses a CO2 extraction process to extract terpenes from botanical sources. For example, their blackberry cucumber blend is a direct CO2 extraction of blackberries and cucumbers. No additives, adulterants or other solvents are used in the process.

Odyssey blends the flavors for Jam pens in house, using only the terpenes listed above to caft the flavors we offer. Our custom terpene blends are mixed with distillate oil from Core Gardens. We fill the blended oil and terpenes into Jupiter CCELL cartridges.




· Single Strain, CO2 Extracted Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil

Quill, made by Rare Industries, is small-batch, single strain, full-spectrum CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Quill uses a 2-part extraction process to first extract the terpenes from a batch of cannabis flower, then extract the cannabinoids from the same batch. The two parts are then combined to get oil that is true to the flower it comes from. No solvents other than CO2 are used, and no additives, flavorings, or fillers are added to their single-strain oil.

Thank you,

 Gabe Cross, CEO