Our Family Members

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Midnight Trich Farm

Columbia River Gorge

Cary Cates and Dustin Owen, owners and master growers at Midnight Trich Farm, are some of the nicest people you will meet in the Columbia River Gorge. Cultivating for medical marijuana patients around the Gorge since 2002, they were one of Oregon’s first licensed recreational marijuana operations and one of the first to bring high-quality indoor flower to the Oregon marijuana market.

Cary and Dustin are constantly on the hunt for the best phenotypes in the industry, and their connections and relationships bring them a steady stream of new genetics to ensure that they are always cultivating on the cutting edge of the emerging cannabis industry.

Their humble 50-light garden is completely soil grown and features exceptional cultivars not common in the recreational market. If you’re looking for premium indoor cannabis, look no further than Midnight Trich.


Quill is small-batch, single strain, full-spectrum CO2 oil in an all-in-one pen and battery. The Quill pen is easy to use: no buttons and no charging, it is ready to go straight out of the box. Each draw is a metered 2mg micro-dose of full spectrum cannabinoids.

Quill uses a two-part CO2 extraction process to preserve and extract the terpenes separately from the cannabiniods, and then recombines them in each individual batch for an oil that is true to the flower it comes from. They never use any fillers, thinning agents, or any additives of any kind - just pure cannabis oil and same-strain cannabis terpenes.

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Bula Farms

Columbia River Gorge

From soil to canopy, Bula views its job as creating an ideal ecosystem for healthy growth.

They achieve this through the introduction of beneficial insects and bacteria, as well as the use of natural plant oils such as rosemary and peppermint instead of harsh chemical pesticides.

This creates an environment that is hospitable for cannabis while inhospitable for pests and harmful bacteria.

The result is a plant that thrives.

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Dab Factory

A team of dedicated cannabis professionals who are passionate about Cannabis!

They are located in Hillsboro, Oregon and distribute their Extracts throughout Oregon state. 

They use cutting edge extraction technologies.

They use high Quality cannabis sourced from local farms.  

Their products are extensively tested to OLCC standards.

Ask for Dab Factory products at your local dispensary in Oregon.


Rising Leaf Farm 

Middle Fork Willamette Valley

Rising Leaf Farms is dedicated to growing using sustainable methods. Fed with organic nutrients and compost teas, watered with clear well-water pumped on site, this beautiful farm in the Cascades outside of Oakridge, OR produces some of the cleanest and best sungrown cannabis in the willamette valley. With backgrounds in science and business, the partners at Rising Leaf bring consistency and integrity to the growing and curing process, and deliver a great product every time.


Gaia’s Ganja Garden

Willamette Valley

A small team of passionate, intentional cannabis growers that love the boutique micro tier because every plant gets loving attention. With deep care for the future of our earth, their grow was designed around principles of using nature to guide us, bringing the outdoors in… (Permaculture, Biodynamic and DEM Pure principles).

This is challenging to do in an indoor garden and they use the latest and most efficient lighting available, grow in permanent no-till beds with so much life the balance of pest and predator is practically self managed. They have incorporated many closed loop systems by applying regenerative practices and have almost eliminated the need for industry standard massive HVAC, becoming super energy efficient.

The result is beautiful resinous flowers, imprinted with the intention of raising consciousness. They strive to lead by example in the ever-expanding cannabis community, working to educate consumers and growers alike